Michael G. CourtonMichael G. Courton
Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of The Courton Group, Michael Courton consults on a variety of risk assessment, information security, policy & procedure development, solution implementation, and testing of business continuity plans and data security issues. He has worked with many companies in the financial services industry including insurance companies, brokerage houses, banks, and credit unions. He has also worked with clients in academia (major research university) and the power generation, distribution, and utility industry.

Prior to becoming a consultant and starting his own company Mr. Courton worked for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company where he was responsible for automating the data analysis phase of disaster recovery planning for the MIS division. His unit was also responsible for the central coordination of disaster recovery planning for the entire company. While there he developed plans for the MIS division as well as writing and performing ongoing maintenance on the plans for subsidiaries of Metlife.

From 1986 to 1989, he was a systems analyst and project leader for the disaster recovery unit at the Depository Trust Company. There he was responsible for conducting some of the largest tests ever undertaken at commercial hotsites, He was also responsible for integrating the automated back office functions into the overall company recovery plans. These functions included settlement for same-day and next-day funds, The Fed-wire system, and the Reconciliation department for trades and trading positions.

Mr. Courton has over 23 years in the information systems field with 21 of those years focusing on business continuity planning, disaster recovery testing, and information security management. Mr. Courton has developed disaster recovery methodologies, conducted analysis of commercial hotsites, offsite storage facilities, and plan development software. He has audited existing plans, data security policies, data center hardware, software and telecommunications infrastructures.

Mr. Courton served on the Executive Committee of the New York Contingency Planning Exchange from 1988 to 1997 and was Chairman of that organization from 1991 to 1993. Mr. Courton is an honored member of the 2002' Swarthmore's ' Who's Who. He previously taught a seminar on Best Practices in Business Continuity Management for the AICPA. Mr. Courton is also a member of The Project Management Institute, International Association of Emergency Managers, and the Information Systems Security Association.

Mr. Courton earned his Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania with major work in Management Science. He is currently pursuing additional certifications in the fields of Business Continuity, Information Security and Project Management.

Mr. Courton is a contributing author to the 'highly' successful book "Disaster Recovery Testing: Exercising your Contingency Plan" published by Rothstein Associates.

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