About Us


For a time, it was the race to the Internet. Now it is Globalization. Many firms are sacrificing security and corporate continuity. In recent times, the business environment has been reminded that the Internet is a public entity and as such is inherently less secure.

The Courton Group LLC Specializes in Operational Risk Management. In particular the fields of Business Continuity, Information Security, Emergency Management, Regulatory Compliance and has a proven track record, which includes clients that are members of the Fortune 1000.

We believe in the motto: Protect your company's future by protecting its presence. Ensure your company's path to profitability, by protecting your information assets.

We pride ourselves on continuing to provide service to our clients at a point in the project lifecycle where the competition leaves off.

Differentiating ourselves from the competition by continuing to help our clients add value where others leave off
Excellence in fulfilling the service promise
Recruiting, training, and retaining top talent



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